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South Hillsborough Economic Development Council
Grow your business in south Hillsborough County, Florida


Hillsborough Community College

Tampa Metro area ranked #1 US large city for low business costs by KPMG. See page 4 of Executive Summary
SHED Council welcomes Stacktight™ to the SouthShore Corporate Park - Story -

Innovation is the name of the game.
Hillsborough County Florida, south of Tampa may offer you the best economic advantage
of any other location in the state to locate or expand your business.
Within 45 minutes there are:

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  • Almost 3 million people

  • Over 250,000 businesses

  • Three international airports

  • Two deepwater ports

  • Excellent interstate highways

  • Very competitive pricing

  • Numerous, well-located and permitted sites

  • Rail lines

Power Point presentation about South Hillsborough County Economic Development
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Connecting investment with opportunity in south Hillsborough County
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