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Pre-Columbian Culture
Pre-Columbian Culture

SHED Council Services

If you are from outside the area:

The SHED Council can support your prospective business move into the area by providing custom demographic studies, property evaluations, planning and market research.
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SHED Council Service Providers
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If you are already in south Hillsborough County:

The SHED Council can help you get your marketing message in front of prospective business partners who are considering a move into south  Hillsborough county.
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To potential SHED Council service providers:

To become a SHED Council Service Provider means that you want to contribute to the economic development of southern Hillsborough County, Florida.

Over time we will be adding to this website to make it a valuable resource to companies considering building or relocating so that they decide south Hillsborough County is their first choice. We will also be producing a mailer and newsletter to encourage interest in this region. We plan on-site visits to potential employers who might be consider expansion. Participation in out of town trade shows and events will help spread the word.

Our public relations strategists will develop factual positioning and messaging, create media centric documents, identify news and suitable stories or angles, and then present them to appropriate and relevant media contacts.

The benefits to you are that you are helping the entire region compete globally and that your business will grow as south Hillsborough County grows.

Compare the of the cost of SHED Council marketing assistance that we can provide you with the cost of doing it yourself.

Connecting investment with opportunity in south Hillsborough County
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